Established in March 2009 by Bal Saini & Paul “Ginger” Curtin, the  

Chuckle Film Society is dedicated to screening of classic

comedy films from the Golden Age of Comedy featuring

comic giants such as Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin,

Bustyer Keaton, Harold Lloyd, etc.



          After years of sitting around in pubs, drinking good ale and talking   

        about films which made us laugh we decided to launch a film society

    dedicated to screening classic films from the Golden Age of Comedy.

 For the launch we wanted a venue in the city centre which would be

 easily accessible as well as welcoming; we also wanted screenings

 to be social events for members to meet and mingle before

 and after each screening. Our search for such a venue

 led us to the Old Joint Stock Theatre, at which

 Ian Craddock was the perfect host.


It might be hard to believe but the most difficult part for us was coming up with the ideal name for the film society. It was during a meal in the Birmingham Art Gallery that Mark Marlow came up with the name of the Chuckle Film Society. Now that we had a name and a venue the Chuckle Film Society had its first screening in March 2009, since then it has had regular monthly screening at the Old Joint Stock Theatre. We are currently taking a winter break but will be launching the 2010 season on Saturday 27 March 2010 with a Laurel & Hardy Festival – an all-day screening of short feature films by the greatest comedy duo of all time – Oliver Hardy & Stan Laurel!


After the festival we will be having our regular monthly screenings on the last Thursday of the month at a diverse range of venues. For the 2010 season

we aim to offer everyone the chance to watch films which will make

them laugh and smile as well as holding social events for the

benefits of our members.